Tuesday 23 October 2007

Back in the Days

I have always had a passion for crayons, brushes, pens, sewing machines and creating. Even when I was young, I would sit for hours at my desk and pretend I was a great artist!

At the age of 7 my grandma taught me how to knit and shortly after my mum showed me how to crochet. One Christmas I received an adorable sewing machine. I was in heaven!

I first started challenging myself when I got into Dollhouses at the age of 8. I would spend hours making miniature size food, clothes, letters and packages, curtains, books, towels, gardens, cushions and so forth for the little animal figurines that I collected (Sylvanian Families).

When I moved back to Italy, maybe due to a slight culture-change shock, having to make new friends and having my dollhouses boxed up, I ignored my miniature-craft habits. I painted and drew but extremely rarely. Then in 1999 the craft mania magically started again and from then it has only grown and grown….

So there will be a lot to see…

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